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Our sash windows come in traditional style with cords and weights and in spring style. We also make casement style windows. Most of our work is carried out in homes and listed properties.
Much of our work is carried out in conservation areas and on listed buildings where it is essential that profiles and mouldings of the original joinery are faithfully replicated. We apply the same criteria to all of our joinery whenever possible.
In addition to windows, you can also contact us for supply and replacement of doors and conservatories. Based in Oxford, our company provides services throughout Oxfordshire.

Sash windows in conservation area

Sash windows in the conservation area can be double glazed. However, it has to look the same as older, traditional windows. Replacement windows also need to be in accordance with Part L of the Buildings Regulations. This allows flexibility in historic locations but retention of original look is essential as they form an important part of the history of the building. Only high quality timber has to be used.

Sash windows on listed properties

Double glazed sash windows are usually unacceptable on listed buildings. Where replacing sash windows on listed buildings it always needs to be checked with your local Conservation Officer first as to what is acceptable. It is important to obtain the Buildings Regulations approval first, following discussions with your Building Control and Conservation Officers. It is important to contact your local Conservation Officer to ensure that the proposed work is acceptable. Original glass should be retained as the variation in the glass adds to the character of the window. We can help you to go through this process from the beginning to the end to make sure that all required approvals are obtained. 
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Call the sash window specialists at Traditional Glaze Solutions, Oxford on 0800 037 4962.
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Technical specifications

We use high-quality redwood or hardwood.

The timber we use enables us to make stable timber frames and sashes which does not expand or contract virtually at all, this eliminates maintenance problems such as warping. We use only slow growing pine from Scandinavia or Eastern Europe which enables us to maximise the longevity of our timber windows and timber doors.

Choose from over 1,000 paint colours, including most RAL and BS4800 mixes and a wide range of translucent wood stains. An advanced range of specialist coatings gives you the exact finish you require while ensuring superb resistance.

Our timber products are knot-free which protects your product finish.

Glass and glazing
Choose from a wide range of glass types and specifications including obscure, safety and anti-sun. All commonly available glass types are available on request. 

Double glazing allows buildings to be much more energy efficient, and are one of the most cost-effective energy investments homeowners can make.

Vertical sliding sash windows are fully tested to BS6375 Part 1, proving their outstanding weather resistance to cope with most British climate conditions.

Our standard timber sash window achieves 'U' value of 1.32 kw which means that it has 30% higher energy rating compared to industry standard windows. This eliminates any possibility of condensation occurring on the inside of the window glass or frame; this means that you will no longer have any mould problems or water appearing on your window sills and side walls.

The range of ironmongery you choose (locks, sash stops and so on) will determine the level of security you require. We do dry glazed system with double-sided security tape. 

For further information on any of our timber range, please contact our team of experts who are more than happy to help you choose the right solution for your project.
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Obscure glass options

obscure glass options
obscure glass options
obscure glass options
obscure glass options

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Timber sash window seals - Q-LON / BUBBLE FOAM SEAL

Our window seals are made by Schlegel, one of the world's leading brands. Q-Lon is an excellent product when used in compression applications such as casement windows and doors. When properly fitted into new sliding sash windows the seals can last reasonably well. But if used for restoration work on older frames imperfections in the paint work often lead to tearing of the surface coating.‚Äč
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